Block. People inhabiting the Rebublic of Kazakhstan. Uighurs and tatars.
1()210 т.210 т.2007
Almaty zoo. Elephant. Zebra.(Mixed sheet consist of 8 pcs: 4pсs of elephant and 4рсs of zebra and 1 coupon)
1()135 т.135 т.2007
Furnishings of horse. Saddle.
180 т.80 т.2007
State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan
1()440 т.440 т.2005
Joint issue. Кazakhstan - Estonia. Kazakh tazy and Estonian hound.
1()276 т.276 т.2005
National fairy-tales. Aldar Kose.
145 т.45 т.2005
National fairy-tales. Aldar Kose.
135 т.35 т.2005
Minerals.Tubluar agate
170 т.70 т.2005
Minerals. Ashirite
150 т.50 т.2005
Cosmonautics Day. Spase machinery above Earth.
1300 т.300 т.1999
Ser. "Flora of Kazakhstan" (Rhaphidophytoh regelii)
150 т.50 т.1999
"Flora of Kazakhstan" (Pseudoeremostachys severzowii)
130 т.30 т.1999
Block "For life on the Earth sake"
1()160 т.160 т.1999
Happy New year!
165 т.65 т.2005
100th anniversary of the poet Gali Ormanov
125 т.25 т.2007
10th anniversary of the Constitution of Republic of Kazakhstan
172 т.72 т.2005
Anniversary, memoramble dates. 100th anniversary of the writer G.Slanov
132 т.32 т.2011
Anniversary, memorable dates. 150th anniversary D. Nurpeisova.
132 т.32 т.2011
Anniversary memorable dates. 100 th anniversary of Zhautykov.
132 т.32 т.2011
Europe. Forests
1250 т.250 т.2011
Ancient coins of Kazakhstan (sheet of stamps)
1()256 т.256 т.2011
"Block of three stamps "50th anniversary of Cosmodrome Baikonur
1()216 т.216 т.2005
100th anniversary of the poet Kasim Amanzholov
132 т.32 т.2011
10th anniversary EurAsEC
132 т.32 т.2011
Sport Summer Games of XXVIII Olympiad
1()185 т.185 т.2004
Joint issue "Kazakhstan - Mongolia"
1()144 т.144 т.2004
Childrens drawings. "In zhailau"
145 т.45 т.2004
Childrens drawings. Kozy korpesh and Bayan Sulu
145 т.45 т.2004
Block. "History of the railway of Kazakhstan"
1150 т.150 т.2004
110th birth anniversary of Saken Seifulin
135 т.35 т.2004
100th birth anniversary of Alkei Hakanovich Margulan
1115 т.115 т.2004
10th anniversary of JSC "Kazakhtelecom"
170 т.70 т.2004
15 th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
132 т.32 т.2010
Kazakhstan Magnitka
132 т.32 т.2010
Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan. Fauna of Caspian. Yellow heron. Flamingo.
1()280 т.280 т.2010
1320 т.320 т.2010
Fauna. Astana aquarium. (sheet consist of 5 stamps №723+ 5 stamps №724)
1()222 т.222 т.2010
Architecture. The complex "Khan Shatyr".
132 т.32 т.2010
Sport. FIFA World Cup South Africa
1240 т.240 т.2010
Sport. 7th Asian Winter Games 2011.
1()860 т.860 т.2010
Nauryz. Kazakh national game "Baige"
132 т.32 т.2010
10th anniversary of the Agreement between Governments of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of Kazakhstan of th
132 т.32 т.2010
XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. (Downhill skiing)
1190 т.190 т.2010
XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. (Ski jumping)
132 т.32 т.2010
Block. People inhabiting the Republic of Kazakhstan. Korean and Belarus.
1()222 т.222 т.2010
55 th anniversary of the city Baikonur
1190 т.190 т.2010
Three stamped postage block devoted OSCE
1()362 т.362 т.2010
Europe. Children`s books.
1240 т.240 т.2010
Set. Pearl of the nature of Kazakhstan ( Alatau - edelweiss) M/S
1()120 т.120 т.2002
M/S Year of mountain
155 т.55 т.2002
1320 т.320 т.2002
Fine Art (Makhambet Utemisov)
110 т.10 т.2002
Set. Fine art (to Kazakh National Epos)
110 т.10 т.2002
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