Europe. Forests
1250 т.250 т.2011
Ancient coins of Kazakhstan (sheet of stamps)
1()256 т.256 т.2011
Anniversary memorable dates. 100 th anniversary of Zhautykov.
132 т.32 т.2011
Anniversary, memorable dates. 150th anniversary D. Nurpeisova.
132 т.32 т.2011
Emblem of the Festival "Voice of Asia"
112 т.12 т.1994
Ancient coins of Kazakhstan. Coin of the city Taraz, coin of Tarband, coin of Yassy, coin of Almaty
1()128 т.128 т.2011
Winter Olympic Games in Lillehamer (Skier V. Smirnov)
118 т.18 т.1994
10th anniversary EurAsEC
132 т.32 т.2011
Winter Olympic Games in Lillehamer (Slalon)
135 т.35 т.1994
World religions. Cult constructions. Roman Holy Cathedral.
125 т.25 т.2006
Winter Olympic Games in Lillehamer (Springboard jumps)
1114 т.114 т.1994
100th anniversary of the poet Kasim Amanzholov
132 т.32 т.2011
Electronic Government of the RK
132 т.32 т.2011
International Year of Deserts and Desertification
1110 т.110 т.2006
The Portrait of Abylai Khan
194 т.94 т.2006
100th anniversary of Ahmet Zhubanov
185 т.85 т.2006
Set "Kazakstan fauna". Batterfliers. The art mixed sheet of 10 stamps.
1()236 т.236 т.1996
Winter Olympic Games in Lillehamer (Skating race)
1186 т.186 т.1994
Fauna of Kazakhstan. Urban birds.
1()2000 т.2000 т.2011
Anniversary, memoramble dates. 100th anniversary of the writer G.Slanov
132 т.32 т.2011
Emblem of the Festival "Voice of Asia"
118 т.18 т.1994
Spaceship start on "Baykonur"
16 т.6 т.1994
30th anniversary of AIDS control
132 т.32 т.2011
Cosmos. 50th anniversary Juri Gagarin`s flight
1190 т.190 т.2011
Joint issue Kazakstan- Latvia. Woman adornments (Shynzhyr bilezik and Sakta)
1()220 т.220 т.2006
Theatrics art of Kazakhstan opera "Kyz-Zhibek"
180 т.80 т.2006
Third meeting of the ECO postal authorities
1210 т.210 т.2006
Third meeting of the ECO postal authorities. Overprint
1210 т.210 т.2006
ХХ Winter Olympic Games in Torino
1138 т.138 т.2006
Custom unlon of Eurasian Economic Community
132 т.32 т.2011
100th anniversary of Latif Hamidi
1110 т.110 т.2006
Prominent people of Kazakhstan. Ualihanov, Seifullin, Torekulov, Satpaev.
1()360 т.360 т.2006
Batyr s helmet
185 т.85 т.2006
Korgalzhyn (Flamingo, Whooper swan, Badger)
1()245 т.245 т.2006
Pre-stamped Envelope with letter "A" " Альянс стройинвест".
1130 т.130 т.2006
Republic Day (Coat of Arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan) overprinted
126 т.26 т.1996
Applied art-costumes and inside decoration of yurta.
1()388 т.388 т.1996
Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Coat of arms and Flag.
16 т.6 т.1992
12 т.2 т.1992
Golden warrior
13 т.3 т.1992
Fauna. Saygak
12 т.2 т.1992
100th anniversary of the poet Gali Ormanov
125 т.25 т.2007
Furnishings of horse. Saddle.
180 т.80 т.2007
60th anniversary of ESCAP
125 т.25 т.2007
Almaty zoo. Elephant. Zebra.(Mixed sheet consist of 8 pcs: 4pсs of elephant and 4рсs of zebra and 1 coupon)
1()135 т.135 т.2007
Block. People inhabiting the Rebublic of Kazakhstan. Uighurs and tatars.
1()210 т.210 т.2007
Winter Olympic Games in Lillehamer (Coupling- skiing relay race)
1()12 т.12 т.1994
100th anniversary of the poet Taiyr Zharokov
125 т.25 т.2008
15th anniversary of Kazakhstan post
125 т.25 т.2008
150th anniversary of Shakarim Kudayberdyuly
125 т.25 т.2008
Europe. Letter.
1()300 т.300 т.2008
Kazakhstan fine art. A.Kasteev and S.Aitbayev.
1()125 т.125 т.2008
Kazakhstan - Iran. Musical instruments. Dauylpaz and Zhelbuaz.
1()125 т.125 т.2008
A Journey of Harmony. Olympic Torch Relay.
125 т.25 т.2008
Greeting stamps. 8th of March
1()150 т.150 т.2008
Fauna. Bugs. Dorcadion acharlense. Callisthenes semenovi.
1()125 т.125 т.2008
Block. Child drawing. Millennium
1100 т.100 т.2000
1500 anniversary of Turkestan
1()510 т.510 т.2000
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