Set "Kazakstan fauna". Batterfliers. The art mixed sheet of 10 stamps.
1()236 т.236 т.1996
Republic Day (Coat of Arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan) overprinted
126 т.26 т.1996
Applied art-costumes and inside decoration of yurta.
1()388 т.388 т.1996
Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Coat of arms and Flag.
16 т.6 т.1992
12 т.2 т.1992
Golden warrior
13 т.3 т.1992
Fauna. Saygak
12 т.2 т.1992
100th anniversary of the poet Gali Ormanov
125 т.25 т.2007
Furnishings of horse. Saddle.
180 т.80 т.2007
60th anniversary of ESCAP
125 т.25 т.2007
Almaty zoo. Elephant. Zebra.(Mixed sheet consist of 8 pcs: 4pсs of elephant and 4рсs of zebra and 1 coupon)
1()135 т.135 т.2007
Block. People inhabiting the Rebublic of Kazakhstan. Uighurs and tatars.
1()210 т.210 т.2007
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