Set "Kazakstan fauna". Batterfliers. The art mixed sheet of 10 stamps.
1()236 т.236 т.1996
Applied art-costumes and inside decoration of yurta.
1()388 т.388 т.1996
Republic Day (Coat of Arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan) overprinted
126 т.26 т.1996
A Journey of Harmony. Olympic Torch Relay.
125 т.25 т.2008
175 th Anniversary of Kazakh composer Kurmangazy
136 т.36 т.1998
Legends about batyrs
1100 т.100 т.1998
Pearls of Kazakhstan nature. Borovoye.Block.
1()180 т.180 т.1998
Арроllo -8 in orbit around the Еаrth
1()72 т.72 т.1998
15th anniversary of Kazakhstan post
125 т.25 т.2008
Europe. Letter.
1()300 т.300 т.2008
100th anniversary of the poet Taiyr Zharokov
125 т.25 т.2008
Fauna. Bugs. Dorcadion acharlense. Callisthenes semenovi.
1()125 т.125 т.2008
150th anniversary of Shakarim Kudayberdyuly
125 т.25 т.2008
Kazakhstan fine art. A.Kasteev and S.Aitbayev.
1()125 т.125 т.2008
Kazakhstan - Iran. Musical instruments. Dauylpaz and Zhelbuaz.
1()125 т.125 т.2008
Greeting stamps. 8th of March
1()150 т.150 т.2008
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